Thursday, February 9, 2012

A day at Heceta

A quick pic of the four of us with the timer.

We saw this man, just shouting for joy at the magnificant Pacific Ocean. Kind of a precarious spot, boys were very curious about this. We later saw this man on the hiking trail, he seemed overjoyed. This ocean can do that to a person.

I took the boys to Devil's Elbow beach and Heceta Lighthouse for a day of playing, hiking, sketching, and sun worshipping. This is a very magical beach, since there are so many natural things occurring...a large rushing creek, tide pools, caves, waves, a trail to the lighthouse and a magnificent view. I got such a kick out of watching the Spencer get right to work on the beach, while wearing his clip on tie. I think of the beach as a place to relax, sit, watch, listen to the nature around me, but the boys immediately start planning and working on damming a small flow of water, gathering sticks, rocks, and shells. Simply just getting right to work, it's a busy place to be. It must be some kind of natural instinct that makes these little boys focus in and work together on playing, creating, and letting their imagination take the lead. I absolutely love it and it is a joy to sit back and watch it all unfold.  In a previous post I mentioned the sketch books and making art in the outdoors. Well today I picked up a pack of new colored pencils and brought them with us. The boys were very inspired by the lighthouse, birds, ocean, and the outdoors. It was a treat to see them what they were drawing and how they interpret their surroundings. We will definitely be doing this again and maybe try paint next time. Another good day here on the coast of Oregon, loving the opportunities to be in the outdoors together.

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