Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In the park

Long legs are quite helpful in jumping over creeks. Way to go Ruben!

Zoe on bars, she can really go round and round on those bars! Hang on Ruben!
Parks have always been a sacred space to me. I bring my kids to parks to experience the outdoors, give their large motors skills a chance to develop and refine, and simply to enjoy. When we made our cross country trip a while back, parks were our main stopping place. Not just National Parks, but state, county, & city parks too. Living on the coast we are are close to some pretty amazing parks. This particular place also has a fantastic playground. Which is not usually the case in most of the parks we visit. So this place is extra special, it is close to home, with a playground meant for kids of all sizes, along with bodies of water for swimming and exploration, and trails lots of trails to ride and hike.
In the park...that's where we like to be.

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