Monday, March 5, 2012

Gratitude Sunday

Another week has passed, so quickly. I am thinking again of this beautiful life and what I have to be grateful for...

~My sister Alex in Portland, she has Jake to her house a few weekends a month. It is such a tremendous gift to have a place for him to go to for the weekend. Getting off campus for him is very important. I am so grateful for her support with him. Thank you Alex! xo

~The time I had on my bike this week. I really felt myself getting stronger with each ride. I rode in Florence this week, all over town. It was really fun to explore the town on my bike.

~A bag of fabric scraps from Abby. The colors, textures, and different fabrics just keep me going on my sewing. It is a fun challenge to keep learning how to sew and make functional beautiful things. I have a long way to go, but I am sure having fun.

~Precious snuggle time with Spencer in the morning. I love waking up next to him and hearing his first thoughts of the day. One morning he talked about how much he loved his new book he got from the book fair(lego figurine book), another day he asked if Dad left yet for school...he wanted to sit with him for coffee, and one morning he asked if we could ride bikes together before school.

~Using my gift certificate from my parents for a European Facial....ah it was very relaxing and such clean products. A real treat!

~A walk at the park with a friend.

~ Time  to volunteer in Spencer's classroom. Seeing him and his classmates. They were all so excited to see me! It made me feel good to be there.

~Tres playing his guitar for us & making up songs about Pancho that make us all laugh.

~Backyard fire under a clear night with bright stars to view. Sipping a tasty margarita with my sweetie.
Dr. Sues Birthday Celebration

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  1. what a great list, and I am so happy I could help contribute! That last photo, of your fire, is amazing. Excited for you and your building strength on your rides. Just think how strong you will be by summer. Buns of steel and breath of fire! :)