Thursday, April 5, 2012

More than a handful

I could hold two in one hand when we brought them home. Now it takes two hands for one chick. They have lost most of their down and have grown their feathers in. They look kind of awkward and for now not nearly as cute as they once were. Yet they are still adored just as much as they were the first day. Watching them learn to perch, seeing how curious they are about us and what we might be offering them is as engaging as watching them as two day old little puff ball. It is exciting to think of them roaming the backyard, eating scraps, collecting eggs, and getting to know their personalities. The whole family has done a wonderful job so far caring for them, really a group effort. Even Pancho is calmer. He runs to the laundry room(where they are still housed for a few more weeks) when they get really squakie and chirpy. I like to think he is making sure they are OK, but more likely he is wandering if one finally flew the coop. We'll move them to the garage in two weeks, where they will stay for a while before heading outside to their home.

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