Friday, May 25, 2012

A few of my favorite's

Rad little rat of a bike. Kinda rowdy in a brown motorcycle kinda way. Just simply a cool bike.

Just a totally cool bike, art more  like it.

Tres' is this bike's 6th birthday in it's born again life with the Tucker's.

Liked this bike too, kinda ratty...and the pad on the fender for the passenger...burlap would be cool.

Totaly cool little boy on his dad's chopper.
I'm pretty sure that I may have talked about motrorcycles on this blog before, but just in case I haven't....I think they are totally cool. I mean I love to ride them, look at them, dream about all the different kinds of bikes out there and how and where to ride them. Rhody Daze is quite a display of harley's and choppers and all sorts of bikes. I really love to look at all the bikes and their rider's too. It is a bit of a sub-culture, which is exciting and intriguing to me. I love the sub-cultures of so many...surfers, motor cycle clubs, crafters, cyclists, gardeners. Yes I know totally random and quite dynamic, which again is what I love. No rhyme or reason for such varying interests other than I have never been way too into  one thing(except my boys) and to have the freedom to have so many differnt interests is just down right exiciting to me. So what ever gets you hopped up and having fun, I suggest you go for it. For me this weekend brought me great enthusiasm over motorcycles, rhododendrons,  & knitting whoa whoo! and check out a favorite motorcycle blog of mine... I love the photos and words on this blog, I'm kinda partial to the blogger :)

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