Monday, May 7, 2012

Fun after dark

When the sun shows it self like it did this weekend, there isn't much of a draw for me to be in the house, until after dark. This weekend when the sun went down(&kids went too) I went up to my machine and worked on a few projects. The first two is a blanket that I found at such easy directions for a throw blanket and the fabric is so lively it will look and feel great anywhere. The second project with the burlap was inspired from  It is the the burlap scrubbie, which I lined with the left over wool batting from the blanket, so not only does it have great texture for scrubbing counters, pots, & dishes, it is spongy too. After it is all used up I won't feel anything but joyful to toss it in the compost bin! So when the sun goes down or when I need a break from those bright rays of sun, I love to go upstairs to that singer and get sewing.

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