Thursday, August 23, 2012

Growing up

This little boy is growing up. I thought today of all the mile stones he has met this summer. Swimming being a major one, across the river in current of the flow, down rapids, out past the ropes at the lake, big stuff this little 1st grader is doing. He also lost two teeth in two days, those were his first, and he didn't let the teeth spend much time in his mouth loose either. His bike riding skills still amaze me, we had a great ride in Florence with Bike 101's cycling club. He just went with it and rode hard. This brave boy told me his motto and what motivates him to engage in new challenges..."face you're fears, just face your fears Mom, that's how you do it." I thought that was pretty astounding, and he is right. That is how I plan to tackle Cycle Oregon this year, with that little voice in the back of my head saying "face your fears" and I'll just go for it, just like he did when he swam across the Siuslaw to the other side, all on his own.

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