Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cycle Oregon in Prospect

Here is the plane we flew in, the Mooney

Airport/Landing strip in Prospect

Melisa at her tent, camping on the playground at Prospect Elementary School

Cody in front of me, much faster walker than I. We walked to the air plane from our camp spot. Lots of cyclists on the road, 2000 riders!

Me walking on the landing strip, carrying my pack for a campout.

Cycle Oregon "tent city" from the air, this is only a some of the tents that were there.

Landing strip from the air, pretty tall trees surrounding!
A fun little adventure with Cody from apexheli, We flew to meet  Melisa on the Cycle Oregon tour, what a fun trip. So great to see Melisa and spend the night camping and hanging out with her for the evening. I feel much more at peace with my decision about withdrawing from CO. My time will come another year.

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