Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ruben turns nine

 Aunt Mary made the cake and Dayla decorated the cake. Ruben requested a bowling date with friends and a trip to the ice cream shop. We did both and then met at the Duman's for candles and cake. It was a great day and of course all through the day we were reminded of the day Ruben was born. We told him how his birth was another special event that made mine and Tres' love for each other grow. It is a special day, the day your are born, I love to remember all of the events that lead up to the birth and after.  It is a joy and  pleasure to love this boy. 

We have a new family member. A bearded dragon has been on Ruben's mind for two years now. So here she is, her name to picked yet, but has been called all sorts of things. Very sweet little lizard and Ruben is in love.

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