Friday, January 18, 2013

staying awake

Spencer takes forever to go to sleep at night (well not forever, but for a tired mom and dad, who need some alone time it feels like forever). You can often find him doing things like shadow puppets, sketching in his notebook, reading, or asking for company, food or water. Tres took this photo the other night while trying to get Spencer to "just go to sleep little bear". On the contrary...Ruben is like one of those baby dolls that close their eyes when you lay them down. He goes to sleep in no time. He has always been a good sleeper. Spencer may take a while to get to sleep but he is an early riser and sweet little morning person too. I do love what different personalities and habits each of my children do bring to the family. I love love love this picture. Had he known Tres was watching I'm sure Spencer would have insisted he join him in shadow play. 

Hard to notice in the little nest of a bed Spencer is in, but I have to share....the quilt on Spencer's bed is a quilt Tres' Grandma Duncan made for him for his high school graduation 25 years ago! The entire quilt done by hand for Tres. I just love that Spencer sleeps under a quilt his great grandma made for his dad. Who would have ever known.

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