Saturday, January 12, 2013


I took this one for April, I know she would love to see these beautiful trees.

catch and release.

Everyone should have a little time to stand "alone" in the woods.

Running out to the opening from under the canopy of the trees. I love this one.

We went on a new hike for us. What a great time. Pictures on the post are from half of the hike, the rest are from the beach. It was  loop hike which started at Hobbit Trail head and went along China Creek to Washburn, then to the beach. I will  post more pics later. It was exciting hike, with new territory and a little weather that got us. A Saturday well spent with family in nature.

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  1. Oh, thanks Amber. I got teary eyed when I saw these pictures. I just love trees. My eyes ache for green this time of year. Especially this winter, since we are buried in over two feet of snow and waking up to temperatures every morning of 1 or 2 degrees F. Thanks for thinking of me. I love the texture photos above too, especially the cool log with the holes in it that you found. Nice photography! Those are amazing shots you got, and perfect lighting. I'm with you in spirit there. I love having you for a friend. Take care.