Saturday, February 9, 2013

Backyard buddies

Chickens are laying about 1 or 2 eggs a day now. The more light we get the more eggs we get. They really are curious little animals. Dinosaurs you know. They are a flock, we don't have names for them. I can hardly tell them apart actually, there are some differences, but more like a whole entity. Then there is Rosie, that sweet little bunny. She and Pancho have made peace. Now she roams free in the yard a few days a week and then comes to me whens he is ready for the hutch for a few days. It is fun to see her running and kicking her legs up having a good ol' time. She chases the chickens sometimes too. Pancho will chase her a bit too, but not too much and he doesn't get her, though he could. She has a few hiding spots too where Pancho cannot get at her. I love having these precious little animals in my yard and if I had a bigger place I would surely have a sheep or a goat too. For now and maybe forever I am happy to watch the bunny and chickens while I sit in the yard and enjoy the view of my backyard buddies.

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