Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Turn it off Tuesday

Another successful day with "Turn it off Tuesday" I went on a field trip with Ruben to Whitaker Creek. A great day of water sampling, watching fish in the fish trap, identifying trees, searching for insects in the creek. It was an awesome field trip with the third graders. That evening when we got home, we decided as a family to attend the Siuslaw Chapter of Surfrider Foundation's monthly meeting at Wakonda. We discussed future water quality monitoring site in the Marine Reserve by Washburne State Park. The Tucker's have volunteered to collect data for NOAA once a month (more on that in future soon) We also watched a cool surf movie and played some fooz(sp?) ball. It was turn if off Tuesday, but it felt like environmental activist day. Either way you look at I was as proud as could be to have may children involved. Way better than any heart warming family movie I could ever dream of watching.

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