Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A loose tooth

Spencer's tooth had been loose for at least a week. He was really getting fed up with the tooth being in the way of eating. He asked Tres to tie the floss around the tooth and then to the door so he could slam the door. I was impressed with his bravery. He actually did it too! slammed that door...oops the floss was too long. He chuckled a bit and then almost cried. He immediately changed his mind and then wanted the floss off. Which was not an easy thing to do. In fact Tres and I both tried to get it off and we couldn't. Spencer yanked on the floss a few times and the tooth didn't come out. Spencer asked Tres to give it pull and the tooth came right out. So two missing front teeth couldn't look cuter than on this big little first grader.

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