Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Around the home

I planted my first set of seeds for the season! Zucchini seeds in my garden window. Ruben also started his science project with seeds. Do seeds grow better  with milk or water for growth? Going to be a smelly one. 

The hens are laying well now. Occasionally having an abundance to trade. A recent trade has been leather scraps for eggs. We all have ideas in leather work we want to try.
My kitchen pet. I feed it daily. It grows and bubbles and turns into the most delicious loaf of sour dough bread. Tastes even better topped with a fresh egg. Oh! I get excited about slow food:)

Activities evolve over time. This weekend the tables turned from preschool to two big boys with a hot glue gun, popsicle sticks, qtips, and cotton balls. Taking the form of boomerang, kite, throwing stars, letters of the alphabet, or rocket ships. 
Selfie with my littlebear. 

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