Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Electronic Journal and the Black Spaces Here

I enjoy posting pictures and writing about our family experiences in this space. I look back and see a lot of the same themes in my photos. A lot of gratitude, nature, exploring, family time. I also noticed all the empty space in my blog... All the black space. Which brings me to my reoccurring thoughts, life isn't perfect.  No matter how often I see lives through the lens of a blog, Instagram post, an etsy shop, a website, or just how things may appear on the surface. There is always another layer, the black space, the not posted pictures, thoughts, and experiences. Not all moments are as joyful as a walk in the dunes. For every one of those moments there is an equally wretched moment. That is real life too, where loved ones say hurtful things that sting, where children argue and disobey, where dishes are piled high and the fridge has no food, where bills are due and fees accumulate, and the feeling of "what's the point?" lingers too long. Yes this is here too in this beautiful life we live. I'd rather not write about it or even talk about it, but  I am acknowledging it because it helps see more joy and feel more normal. The empty black space balances beauty of the typical pictures and words that I have shared for nearly six years. I embrace this balance. 

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