Tuesday, December 8, 2015

He and I

Two weeks in a row now, we have taken intentional time together. This hasn't been a night on the town, or even a meal out together. Just a walk in the woods or a cruise & walk  on the beach. The idea here is to take intentional time to be together, just us. Talking, laughing, exploring and being present for each other. Sometimes we don't talk, just be together. I couldn't think of a person I'd rather be with than Tres I also couldn't think of a more valuable demonstration of love to show our sons. I want them to know the value of time given and love does not always mean an expensive dates, flowers (however that is nice too sometimes). After 15 years of being together, we still have to work at being good for each other. I'm just happy we both want to and wouldn't have it any other way. ❤️

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