Tuesday, January 12, 2016


From the mountains to the ocean, it's all our playground. The boys took me shooting this weekend. Ruben shot his 12 gauge, his 12th birthday gun and Spencer shooting his .22 rifle like a sharpshooter. They both insisted I try each of their guns, so I did. They were thrilled for me to shoot and hit the targets. 
After guns and the woods we headed to the beach. The ocean had been very big lately, not so good for surfing, but great for beach combing. The tides and floods have covered the beach in driftwood, so fort building or just finding a nice log to sit and ponder on is easily done. I think everyone should have the opportunity to take a moment like Spencer here on the driftwood. 
It feels like we live for the weekends. We try to squeeze every last minute out of them. This weekend Tres also took me to a movie! The movie was excellent, and going to the movie was a new idea for us. We so rarely go, counting on one hand for the last 15 years.  It was a rare and fun treat for us. 

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