Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend of Gardening

This weekend I spent  most of my time in the yard and garden. It was so great to have some time to spend wrecking, planting, even watering my plants and newly planted seeds. This year I have planted seeds directly in the ground in our little dog kennel made to green house. Cucumbers are already coming up.  Next year I would like to have a raised bed in the green house and a shelf/ bench for seed starts. I'll also place a weed barrier down. 

My neighbor gave us strawberry plants, so I've dedicated three raised beds just for strawberries. 

We are planning a yard sale for this Saturday. I noticed how many plants I have that have multiplied, so I decided to make a plant sale too. I've dug up many plants and prepared them in pots for the sale. I've got over 30 plants ready to go! Making a little money for my upcoming trip to spirit weavers gathering. 

I could spend all day again being in my yard. I especially  enjoy it when Tres joins me and we work together and creating beautiful space at home in the yard and garden 

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