Friday, June 10, 2016

Spiritweavers Gathering 2016

Spiritweavers is best described in feelings, rather than words. I'm hanging onto that for as long as I can.  Magical, beautiful, safe, supportive, loving, nude, nourishing, humble, radical, centered, grounded, nature, divine, ceremony, goddess, feminine, artful, sassy, musical, messy, tidy, weepy, hilarious, quiet, peaceful, loud, sisterhood... See what I mean? Hard to write sentences about it.. So I decided words that come to me when I think iof Spiritweavers gathering. I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I had planned to. I was  present in the moment and didn't feel pulled to even touch my electronics. Thankfully I snapped a few photos though. 
The north fork of the Eel river which I passed on my way there. I took a swim, it was the first swim of the year for me in natures precious fresh water. 
Being amongst the giant redwoods made me feel like prehistoric, or ancient knowledge, and natures cathedral. 
Mendocino is an adorable vintage/Victorian little town with views of the ocean everywhere you look. I understand now, why Tres said he would live there. 
Here I am at the mouth of the Navarro River. Spiritweavers takes place at the headwaters of this amazing River. 
Waking up to this view each morning was medicine, sweet natural medicine. 
My first class was henna. I learned so much of the history, quality, technique, and application. However the most important thing  I learned, is henna is an ancient way to sit with a sister, take her hand or foot, and connect. Talk and adorn her with the stain of the henna leaves. Using henna as a stamp in time is a beautiful way to honor special events, occasions, and experiences. 

Night time at the lodge. The upstairs was where the vendors set up, open each evening. I bought indigo dyed panties! 
Community weaving! I spent a bit of  time here weaving. So special to have so many hands weaving such beauty. 
Market blanket day! Here is my blanket of handmades. I sold all of my oil roll ups and picnic roll ups! I also traded so many of them for other treasures made by my maker sisters.
A few of the items I traded for... Dress, crystal grid, print of an original art work, roving wool, friendship bracelet, crystal bracelet  & seeds.
Moon lodge.  ✨❤️✨
Moon lodge and tipis. I am manifesting a tipi or lotus belle tent for my backyard. I would love to have it set up for the summer and fall season. Retreat at home.
Gorgeous mandala. It is huge! This was taken from second story of the lodge. Too big to fit in my picture.
Shade tent just above one of the swimming holes. 
Just some beauty along the path back to the camping area. 
Night time gathering... Songs, fire, drums, sisterhood. 
There were so many classes to take. I barely scratched the surface. Most classes had a limit, so I wasn't able to get everything I wanted. But each class I took was my favorite. Henna, broom making, beginning leather work- and leather clutch making, plant medicine. Were the classes I took. I adored each of them, and was also excited to see how others felt about their classes. Especially those classes that I didn't get into, like indigo, weaving and hair braiding. 

It has taken a few days to come back to my reality and get grounded here at home. My first day home all I could do was sit on the earth, burn sage, drink tea, and rest. I am so glad I took a few more days off to be home. I'm coming around, however I am tender, my heart and mind are overflowing with the magic of Spiritweavers. This may have been one of the most divine experiences I have ever had. I just want to hold onto it as long as possible. ✨✨✨✨✨ forever grateful for this experience. ❤️

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  1. Wonderful! So happy for you. Thank you for sharing!