Monday, July 18, 2016

What's Happening Around Here

I like the modge podge posts of what's been happening in our family. 
My first artichoke coming right along! 
Ruben with terribley skinned up knees. I wonder how many wounded knees I will have cared for in Rubens child/teen hood years? With jeopardy in the background too. We keep things predictable around here. 
My view from behind the handle bars if my lovely and stable gs650. I've been getting weekend rides with a friend that is quite competent in back country roads. The  forest service and county road system really lends its self to the dual sport rider. This summer I have put over 400 miles on this bike of only dual sport riding. I totally love it and it makes me such a better street rider! Here I am the junction of popo to smith River or cedar creek. We took cedar creek. 
Rain Rock days are my all time favorite. When I am here I don't want to be anyplace else. Especially when I have all my loves with me. 

Mom and Tres at Ninkasi tasting room. We attended a wedding in downtown Eugene, and got to car pool and spend the evening with my parents. 
Spencer's scooter skills are really improving! He calls it exercise & tres and I call it anthropology... Because he spends equal time absorbing the culture of the skate park, and then talking about it later. 
Garlic Scapes from my yard!! They taste so good. 
We found a mermaids purse on the beach last night when Tres and I did a drive the beach date. 

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