Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rhody Days festivities

We all loved this booth of leather work. The boys just watched the man work the leather and were so intrigued by all of his tools and the results of his work. I was so impressed and had to get out of there quick before I spent all our money...purse, belts, key chain, bracelet oh my so many wonderful handcrafted fine leather goods! 

lots and lots of bikes!

One of our favorite places to visit...the bake sale.
We have always participated in the events during the Rhododendron Festival. Each year we go to see the arts, crafts, flowers, bake sales, car shows, motorcyles, and more... Tres and I have truly enjoyed this time with our family and look forward to it each year. Although there has been a few years, where I had wanted to stay home all weekend and not even notice the influx of thousands of people into our small community. That has yet to happen and each year when the weekend is over we both say to each other, " that was a lot of fun!" so here we are another Rhody Days. Tres and I recently attend Team Oregon's Basic Rider Traning Course at LCC in Eugene. We both got our motorcylce endorsement, so seeing all the different bikes and riders was inspiring to me. It did make me want to jump on a bike and go for a ride, but not this year. I need a little more practice before I get out and ride with all those bikes and traffic. Tres did take his bike out for a ride twice over the weekend and loved it. I hope to join him one of these years.

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