Friday, July 1, 2011

Garden works...

Garlic! from my yard. I planted this last fall. I have never made a garlic braid so I am stoked. the garlic was small, but I grew it! I don't care what size it is that case. I replaced the garlic bed with spinach and nasturtium seeds.
The beginning of the garden at Canary.

Peas are ready! in my backyard.

planted another round of peas, since the others did so well and I just love them. Already coming up!
This year I have had an insatiable need to garden...plant, weed, water, dig, rake, and more. I have my garden at home that is doing quite well, then I planted a garden up Canary Road at a friend's home, and last I planted a garden in Mapleton at my parents home. So here are a few pics of what is happening in the gardens, more to come too.

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