Friday, July 1, 2011

The evening at the beach. Welcome to our world.

Megan and Ruben hanging out on the jetty rocks having an apple.

looking for a hermit crab...short time pet. we believe in catch, explore, and release.

we've been watching a little bit of  karate kid lately...can you tell who the real fan is?
Here we are at S. Jetty again. Like I have said before I just never get tired of photographing us at the beach or tired of hanging out at the beach. Boys and I didn't surf tonight, since we did the evening before and suits were still wet. Plus who wants to surf when you can just play. Well I take that back...Spence did want to surf, but we talked him out of it. Then our friend Megan showed up with her Mom and we stayed until the sun went down. Good times as always.

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