Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maiden Voyage for the bus was to Deadwood for the Rock Creek Party! Good Times!

still looking for the perfect name for our bus...the happy bus, the tucker bus, or ...?

now this is a Rock Creek Party!

My go to girl! Always getn silly!

crawdaddy lover!

I love those two.
Did I mention we have a school bus? Well we do. I knew at one time in my life with Tres that we would own a school bus. He has always wanted one, so one day he sent me pic text of a short bus and it said "its a deal" that time had come. I am always a little reluctant to all of Tres' new projects, they seem a little out there to me, but I that is just one of the things I love about him, pushing us to live outta the box a little. So our maiden voyage in the bus was to an annual party in Deadwood at Rock Creek. We had such a good time, and truly made the bus adventure a real success. Tres called it the happy bus, since people smile so big when they see us. They really know how to have a good time at Rock Creek, a pig and a lamb were given to this party both roasted in the ground. Talk about local...these two feasts were grown, butchered, cooked and ate all there at Rock Creek. The night party was just as awesome light show, fire dancers, live band, and a dj. The boys were in heaven since the party was along a creek and we had full access to crawdads, salamanders, swimming hole, and friends. What a great weekend with so many friends too. I just love the summer fun and wanting it to last just a few more weeks.

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