Thursday, November 17, 2011

Before we go to school

He ran ahead and then I found him here. I think this may be his favorite place in his world.

Yes it is November and he is still in the lake, but look! Frog eggs instead of salamanders, what a fun surprise!

A little yoga in the morning sun.
What I love is visiting the same place all through the year and noticing the things that change and the things that stay the same. It is November now and we have had cold nights, rain, and storms. While the sun shows it's face nice and bright like this it is an invitation to come out to bask in its rays and enjoy the outdoors, especially when you have to spend the rest of the day in a classroom. Knowing Spencer I brought extra clothes for after our visit to the lake we could go right to school. He changed in the car and told me...actually Mom, it is too cold for me in the water now. Next time lets bring our wet suits so we can swim like it is summer and find more eggs. I thought that was a great idea!


  1. Amber I so enjoy your blog posts! I look forward to each one of them. Hope you have a wonderful day sister. Love You.

  2. He knows what his priorities are! :)