Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just stop and play

Ruben and Spencer at the Harbor Vista Park
We never know when things in life are just going shift and what we expect to happen doesn't and what we don't expect to happen does. This last week I was truly caught by surprise with my biggest boy having an appendectomy and five days in the hospital. Even though he is almost 17 years old and is larger than both Tres and I. I couldn't be any where else than right next to him as he recovered in ICU and fought an infection while laying in a bed not at home. He did well and is close to being just fine now. All the while this was going on I just let some of my responsibilities go. When I finally had a little time with Ruben and Spencer and a list of things to do in bills, return library books, post office,get groceries, return videos, drop off the give away box, and more and more. I decided to let those responsibilities go for just a few more hours so we could just stop and play. A much needed activity for me to accomplish with the two little brothers that have so patiently waited at home. So that is what we did and all of those responsibilities that were waiting all week, waited a few more hours while we enjoyed an afternoon of sun and no wind here at the park near the beach, just playing.

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  1. I'm so glad Jake is okay, Amber. xo