Monday, December 12, 2011

In Spencer's classroom

Spencer wearing his clip on tie, he loves to look handsome, and he sure does!
I have had the opportunity to help in Spencer's classroom on Fridays for stations. It has been a lot of fun to get to know all of his classmates and to see him with his peers. Stations are activities set up in the classroom and the kids get to go from one station to the next. I have been working at the table with crafts and for the last two Fridays we have been decorating a gingerbread/candy house for the holiday. It has been quite comical to hear from students all of the reasons why we are not eating this candy. They have all done really well just using it for decorating and not just popping the gum drops in their little mouths. For the exception of Spencer of course, and I know he wouldn't have done that if there was a different mom working at the craft table, but it was me, and so he tasted the candy, and then so did Alexis, since she was in his group and he did, so why not? Just so darn cute every one of them. I do have to say, that I just love being with the kids and being in the classroom watching them learn and interact with each other, but I am just so relieved not to be in charge...I miss the kids at FMS but I don't miss being in charge, what a treat to just be a volunteer. Even more of a treat to know I am there just for Spencer.

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