Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"A beautiful source of water Mom!"

Really! This is the precious statement that came from Spencer on our walk the other day. He saw this little stream so he ventured off the road and down the bank to a small creek. His first sentence was " A beautiful source of water Mom!" "I'm just going to look a little, my shoes might get wet." I waited and watched. Lately I have been appreciating and loving the descriptive words that come out of his mouth. They are just so true and pure in his experience. When Tres and I are together and hear him explain something and it comes out beautifully awkward, but just right for a five year old little boy, we both just look at each other and gush with an overwhelming adoration. We know these conversations are fleeting and words will evolve. For now his misuse of some words, like using inventory, association, and proclamation(they are fun to say!), or his perfectly unusual composed sentences of his reality, are really resonating with me, I am remembering to soak it all up.

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