Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feeling Beachy

We have had some distance from the beach lately. The high surf and winds, along with all the storms, we stayed far from the beach. Yet as soon as the storms passed and the weather cleared just a bit, we were headed to the beach. Last week we were informed of the disaster of foam and trash the storm had left on the North Jetty. Surfrider's called for an emergency beach clean up. We arrived to see the N. Jetty looking entirely different and covered in trash and large pieces of Styrofoam. Within two hours three truck beds were full of foam and there were over 40 people there to pick up the after storm mess. It felt good to come together so quickly to take care of a place we love so much.
The day was so beautiful, clear, sunny, and some surf too. That evening we went to the South Jetty to have a bon fire. There is so much wood on the beach from the storm we could of had a fire for a week straight! We stayed until well after dark, cooked dinner over the fire, and enjoyed the company of many friends, the stars were shining, and it was fun to be there, at the beach.

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