Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good Morning Sketch Book

I like to wake up early...a little early before the boys. To drink my nectar of the Gods(coffee) in quiet peace, to think of what the day might bring and how I can seize this day to make it "successful" in my eyes. This early morning time is precious to me. I greet each of my sons as they wake and pitter, patter to my arms for a morning hug. This morning I noticed both boys went straight to their sketch books. What a way to start the day! I was very inspired and thought this was certainly a sign as to what the day should bring us. Today I explained to the boys the joy of arting in the outdoors...yes! drawing, sketching, painting, pastels, oils, or the outdoors, a place in nature where you set up your little spot, sit down and just make art from the inspiration around you. Nature. So what a way to start the day. Good morning sketch books!


  1. Was this after or before your trip to the lighthouse? Either way, it's really fun that they are both so into their sketching. I love that kind of free focus.

  2. This was actually before our trip to the lighthouse. They have always been really into their notebooks, drawing pictures, writing notes, practicing cursive :) Bringing new pencils to the beach with us and new sketch books just brought it to a new level. Yes I love this too!