Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter Water Play

"No way, I am not getting in that water, it is WAY too cold!...but Spencer could you find me a salamander too?"
If you have been reading this blog for a while you will notice that the scenery in these photos are familiar. One of Spencer's most favorite places in his world. Woahink Lake is a sure location to find the beloved salamander, or rough skinned newt. Spencer was truly desperate on this very chilly Sunday afternoon, to find a newt. He knew the water was cold, and I knew he wouldn't stay out of the water, so we brought the wet suit along on our winter picnic to the lake today. Hot chocolate was the main course along with corn chips. Some picnic huh?! The boys got to choose what I put in the picnic basket today.  Unfortunately he didn't find those wiggly little amphibians anywhere, he concluded it was just too cold for them too. I think Spencer and I might have to start a polar bear club...swimming in the lakes at least once each month of the year. I think he would certainly make a great club president. I'm in...any other takers?

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