Friday, March 9, 2012

Silver the mountains

I discovered riding in the snow is like riding in the sand. I had to push my bike a little, but now I know : )
I have looked at this Silver Falls State Park online and on the map several times and been very curious. When I knew I would be spending five days in Keizer, I decided one day after training I would go take a look and a ride. It was a gorgeous drive and higher elevation than I anticipated. I was so glad I did it though. The park is massive, I only explored just the tip. There are 10 waterfalls in the park, I only went to one. Bikes are not allowed on the falls trails, to steep and narrow. I can't even tell you how great I felt to be there. I had been sitting inside a conference room for three days and staying in Keizer...a sprawl of Salem. Not a place I would ever choose to go to. I was anxious and knew I needed to get out in nature. What a beautiful place to get a breath of fresh air and to ride. Yeah I felt a little silly bringing my bike into the hotel with me, but these days I make riding a priority. I rode all over Keizer the day before. I have said many times the I love parks, well there is certainly no exception here. The waterfall was breath taking and though I only saw just a small piece of this park, I will return with family in tow to explore this beautiful place Oregon State Parks has to offer. I laughed out loud to myself trying to ride on a snowy path! Not possible! Good times.

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  1. i always love your posts sweetie pie! Like the photos too. Feels like it keeps me close!!