Sunday, March 18, 2012

Snow on the Coast... a lot of snow!

A new sight to us! I have never seen this much snow in Florence.

Tres and I took a walk late at night just a few hours after the snow started to fall.

In and out, and in and out. the kids had so much fun playing in the snow that day.
It had been raining hard and then it got very quiet and cold. The snow started and fell hard for several hours. So hard that it took trees down, branches broke all around our house and neighborhood. Four days with now power. We made it through the storm with little damage to our place. Yet we had some close calls. We spent our time in the snow and then huddled around the wood stove. I fall in love with that old stove again and again. The family just hung out around the hearth. Staying warm, talking, warming food, spending time gathered around the hearth. It was kinda nice...quiet, peaceful and slow.

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