Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome Spring...cold outside but hot in here!

Hello Spring chicks! Well spring is here, but I feel that we are still in the middle of winter. It has been, grey, wet, cold, snowy, and windy. Yet in the laundry room there is a little brood of chicks staying warm under the light....90 degrees warm! Growing each day, sprouting feathers and loosing the fluff. They perched last night on a stick for the first time. Two of them stayed sprawled out on the floor and they other three hopped on the stick and closed their eyes.

We have wanted a back yard flock for years(Ruben & I have). When I found a farmer near us that raises chickens and had chicks for sale we went for it. It felt good to know where theses chicks came from. We got them one day after they hatched and tomorrow they will be two weeks old. They sure get a lot of attention around here. Yet there is enough attention to go around for all of the animals we have in this, rabbit, hamster, 2 tanks of fish, and now 5 golden sex links hens. The boys have gladly given their permission to turn the playhouse into a hen house. We have another month to get it very secure for our little ladies.  This is how I will welcome spring...with chicks under the light. Since the outdoors has not yet invited me to put my gloves, pull out the garden tools and start digging.

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