Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chicken sitt'n

Ruben has done quite well with chickens perching on his arm.

Spencer with his shorts on had chickens pecking at his freckles.

Here are a few more pictures of the backyard chickens. Ruben has certainly taken the lead role as chicken boy, next to Mom. He has done a fantastic job of teaching Pancho too. In fact the other day I looked outside and Ruben had one chicken on the deck, she was standing alone and Pancho was just a few feet away watching and trembling. Ruben talked both of them through it trying to talk sense into deciding to be friends rather than enemies.


  1. I am smiling hugely right now for some reason. Something about talking sense to a chicken and a dog about being friends... I bet they will get there! It's fun to see how big your chickens are already, and to see them out in the sunshine doing what chickens do best. Amazing how fast they grow.

  2. I realized this backyard farm girl outfit is missing a burlap garden bag!