Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A little garden bag

I try to sew when I can, which means, I choose to let other things go...like dishes and a hot meal for a cold one. But the results of choosing to create rather than continue with daily responsibilities gives me the energy to get back to those daily tasks that sometimes feel like no fun. Well here is the latest work I did with burlap, and a few fabric pieces that were passed on from a friend. I call it a garden bag  because I thought it would be perfect to put a water bottle in one of the front pockets, maybe an ipod too, then some seeds packets, gardening gloves, and tools. Throw it over your shoulder and head out to the garden. The burlap would be quite forgiving with dirt. I also like to have a few things close by when I am in the garden, so a garden bag made sense. I was then inspired to give this bag to my Mom for her birthday, it was her 60th. She is quite the gardener too, she also never goes far with out one of her many fashionable bags. Only made sense to make her a fashionable garden bag too. Happy Birthday Mom!

1 comment:

  1. So awesome Amber! Lucky mom. You will have to make yourself one now.