Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Glorious Morning

We had a truly beautiful weekend. The weather was down right hot. Ahh it was wonderful. Shoes came off, pants changed for a skirt or shorts, t shirts were off, and the whole days spent outdoors. Breakfast outside came first. It felt great to scrub that layer of dirt and scum off the deck table to prepare for our first meal outside on the deck in quite a while. The table shined after that and we all had a great breakfast together. These simple things make me just smile so big and feel like my cup is full. After this lovely meal of pancakes, strawberries, and eggs. The chickens of course came out, then so did the gardening gloves. I planted carrots, lettuce, and flower seeds of all kinds. I also pulled many weeds that had taken to my garden boxes. All in lovely sun, in fact so much sun, shirts did have to go back on for a bit. Wow, such extremes around here. It was great little tease as what is to come with the changing weather. A very Glorious morning indeed!

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  1. You are blogging at this moment! :) This weekend was so rejuvenating, wasn't it!? Really nice that Jake could spend it with you guys.