Friday, April 6, 2012

From our yard

I am hopeful that the weekend will bring weather that will allow some time in the backyard. I am really ready to put some seeds right in the ground and get others started. There is still so much cleaning up to do from the storms we have had. Walking around the yard and seeing all of the blooms, green shoots, buds, and new life is inspiring to me. I feel so lucky to have a place to put my hands in the earth and to be a part of this process of rebirth, right here in my own backyard. With that in mind, Easter will be here this weekend. I have thought a lot of how I will or if I will celebrate in some way. I won't be going to mass and I will refrain from celebrating with sugar.  I will come to some idea on how I will celebrate the time of rebirth, new beginnings, starting fresh, and finding joy in what is here now. The other part of that is sharing this with the family, as we all have different ideas on what this may mean. I am ready for new traditions for my children & myself. While I spend time in my yard this weekend, I know something will come together in my mind that will allow me to feel this time of year has been celebrated and acknowledged. It will just come to me, I am open and ready for it. I look forward to sharing just what it is, here in this space.

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