Monday, April 9, 2012

Some things different

Planting seeds...a real, live, tangible, way to express new beginings...rebirth.

Some things just won't change.

Some Bunny loves you! Happy Easter. Rosie in the onion patch.

He called him self top chicken...chicken who roosts to highest is top chicken.
I have wanted to change a few family traditions and come away from the commercial celebration of holidays in the culture we live in. It is difficult though, the boys are so young and they already have the ideas of Easter bunnies with plastic eggs and shiny baskets wich are delivered to your house...? Not this house, may be some but this house has a real live bunny who is a part of the family, and real eggs that you could eat after decorating(not this year though), and this family packs up for part of the day to spend valuable family time with friends at the beach. Somethings were different this year but not everything and somethings were new. Regardless of it all, we were all together, Jake was home too :) We were all together, we made memories, had fun and laughed, and spent time in nature. Happy Easter to you all.

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  1. Planting seeds seems like the perfect new tradition. I love that! I laughed at your question mark...? about the plastic eggs and shiny baskets. Such a funny thing this strange easter bunny thing.