Monday, April 16, 2012

Port Orford Water Festival

Spencer watching Charlie Plybon dissect a shark at the Surfrider booth. Kinda stinky, but fascinating!

Ruben getting ready to watch the octopus dissection.

No better way to learn the bone structure of a whale, than to actually assemble one like a puzzle! awesome learning activity

Spencer really enjoyed this booth on birds identification, matching the real skulls to the picture of the bird. Well done!

After all that hands on learning, a quick game of soccer let the body take over the mind for a little while.
We took a little weekend trip to the town of Port Orford. They were hosting their 5th annual Water Festival and there was potential for surf for the whole family too.  We had success in every avenue we went for. The Water Fest. was a great success with all sorts of interactive hands on learning activities, a hotel with a fabulous view of the ocean, waves for all of us...we all got to surf. Hiking in new locations too. Great time weekending in Port Orford.

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