Sunday, October 14, 2012

~Gratitude Sunday~

{Sunday's heartfelt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful. A list of gratitudes.}
Throughout the week I've felt grateful for:
*Noticing some positive outcomes with the families that I work with. Sometimes it feels like what I do doesn't make a difference for people, but this week I really saw some progress. I really felt grateful to see that my support and efforts were really being helpful to those I work with.
*To have known Drake. My brother's dog, who was passed this week. He was a good 'ol dog. His last season of summer was spent a parents house. Where every day he would walk to the yard and lay in the sun and then go beg for some treats, then walk the property slowly but surely. Follow the children around hoping they would drop a morsel of food. He greeted you with a head nod and a little tail wag. He had a good life, that Drake. Good boy, you rest in peace.
*Going on Spencer's field trip to Sweet Creek Falls. Such a good time and I love getting to know his classmates and see Spencer interact with the other kids. I loved seeing and hearing the kids respond the beauty of the outdoors too. I am so grateful to be making these memories with Spencer.
*For my father who went on many field trips with me as a child. I appreciate it even more now. This week I sent him a text to let him know how much I appreciated the time he took to come along with me and my siblings on our field trips.
*My slow cooker. Yep I am grateful that I can take 10 minutes to throw some food in the crock pot turn it on and walk out the door for the day. When I return have my home smelling so good and hot yummy food waiting after a long day at work and play.
*Essential oils...I love the way the smell, how they make a simple bath feel therapeutic, how they make the kitchen and laundry smell divine, and how scent can retrieve a memories.
*Motorcycle riding. Yep I have been riding my Dad's KLR, it is so much fun. I got quite a bit of riding in last week. It is exhilarating, exciting, and just so much fun. I am quite grateful that I can borrow my Dad's bike to use. I often think about when I will take a long ride, an overnight ride. Fun to have things like that to dream of and look forward to. Motorcycle riding inspires that in me.
*Apology & Forgiveness. Yes I am grateful that apologies and  forgiveness is something we practice in our family. Each of us have times in the day or week when we are grouchy, short, impatient, or a bit unrealistic, and even harsh with each other. When I say I am sorry and the hugs and forgiveness that come after, that is what I am grateful for. That we can accept each other not hold a grudge and move past those human moments in our day.

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