Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sweet Creek Falls and 60 first graders!

My little group of boys for the day. I actually went to school in Mapleton with these two boy's dad.

What a fantastic place to sit and have a picnic lunch! Oh so lovely. We are so lucky to have such access to places like this.

Signs of fall all around this area. I could take photos of leaves all day. I want to gather them all up and take them home, they are so pretty.

This was such a great field trip. We had been here as a family not to long ago, yet coming with the whole class was a great way to start the year off. Nice way for a new class to bond. It was beautiful too, the water was low enough that teachers let the kids take their shoes off and play in the water. The leaves were falling when ever the wind blew. I heard lots of new vocabulary words by the kids...under story, canopy, nurse log, and skat. Good stuff here. I couldn't believe how many parents and kids had not been here before. I really felt so lucky to be able to go a spend the time with Spencer and his friends. I wouldn't miss a trip to Sweet Creek Falls. I was quite impressed with Spencer's self control too. He stayed close with the group only had to be asked a few times to come back with the group. You see, when we are out in nature as a family there are few boundaries that keep Spencer close. He has a little wandering explorer in him that naturally' leads him to places to see more, find more, collect more. Yet this trip he really reeled that in and stayed with the group.

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