Thursday, October 24, 2013


So much happens around here as cliche as it may sound time goes by so fast! I have a few random pictures from the past few weeks...
Home made math game as an assignment for Ruben's class, which turned out being super fun. We played twice, while avoiding bedtime.
Fresh caught salmon fillet for dinner. Unfortunately we didn't catch. However we sure have tried! Wrin and Sarah sent this one two us. Yum!! So pretty and fresh!
The gorilla is back! Costume box was brought out and silliness and dressing up took precedent over homework and bedtime on time. 
I am loving shadow pics lately. Loving alone time/ selfcare on Fridays and or a few moments on the weekend. I am rejuvenated by my time in nature. I feel so blessed to be minutes from wilderness. 
Ruben and spencer had parent teacher conferences last week. Both of them having reports from their teachers as leaders in their class, excellent behavior, above grade level in math and reading, and truly a pleasure to have in class. I wasn't surprised they are both true gems. Ruben requested atv ride for a reward. Heck yeah!!! Thanks to torex atv we got a free ride. Jake was our guide in the dunes we had a blast! 
I am stoked for the opening of siltcoos ouet too!!! It uses each year for the snowy plover habitat, darling little birds. This is one of my favorite places ever!! So when it reopens I feel like I have received a gift. 

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